Case Study: <br>Reeltalent

Case Study:

Reeltalent is a allows movie directors the ability to quickly add background people to a movie scene. This is a sophisticated website that choreographs people into movie sets, but it all starts from a detailed screening process.

Case Study: <br> Savon Storage

Case Study:
Savon Storage

Savon Storage is premium all in one stop shop for moving, but lives in a crowded market place. After learning more about their business they offer a great service. Then came the big question: “We know we have the best service, how do we separate ourselves from the competition”? This was a great question and had a common solution.

Client Showcase: <br> 24/7 Techs Computer Support

Client Showcase:
24/7 Techs Computer Support

247techs is a highly sophisticated group of engineers and technicians that keeps current on the large spectrum of technology. Oh ya, they also fix computers.

Case Study:<br> I Look Like You

Case Study:
I Look Like You

A fantastic reason why we all love the internet. Take a concept that some people haven’t yet wrapped their heads around and turn it into a website. This is by no means typical social network. Upload a personal photo and let the site run facial recognition and match it against its large database of users.

Client Showcase: <br> Burbank Computers

Client Showcase:
Burbank Computers

Burbank Computers services the Northern LA area in all home and office business needs. Highly technical in online, home theater and business needs.

Case Study: <br>Shoot 2 Score Hockey

Case Study:
Shoot 2 Score Hockey

Shoot2score is southern California’s newest on ice training facility. Dedicated to helping improve players from beginners to NHL pro’s. The business needed a way to deliver content, showcase images and show case their benefits.

Case Study: <br> Reflective Stripe

Case Study:
Reflective Stripe

A new line of materials have made its way onto clothing. This would allow people to stay comfortable and safe. Reflective Stripe has a goal and mission to manufacture this. For every clients the design process can be done all ONLINE.

Client Showcase: <br> Socal Restoration and Remodeling

Client Showcase:
Socal Restoration and Remodeling

Socal is a San Diego’s premier shop for a variety of home and business construction needs. As a fast growing company, they needed the ability to add and edit content on the fly. The first step: Building a website for non-web savvy employees.

Case Study: <br> Sunset Mona Lisa

Case Study:
Sunset Mona Lisa

A Restaurant located in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. The owner approached us with a rather large marketing goal in hand. Along with creating a website, the site has 3 very different business model. The question would be ” How can we tie all these together into 1 successful website? “

Legacy Site: <br> Prosopo

Legacy Site:

Websites come and go. Prosopo is no exception either! A website should be kept current and contain relevant information at all times. Today’s website needs to be dynamic, scalable, current and always appealing to visitors. Lets take a brief trip back into time.

Client Showcase: <br>Extraordinary Desserts

Client Showcase:
Extraordinary Desserts

Most city in America have a nick name. For many San Diego is know as “Finest City”. This also true for fine dining. In the category of cakes and desserts, Extraordinary Desserts is no exception. Karen Krasne has created a monumental collection of cakes and desserts.

CaseStudy:<br>Bedrock Technology

Bedrock Technology

A well know and prestigious VAR and Recruiting firm located in San Diego. Opening their doors in 2005, Bedrock technologies required an immediate online presence. Reaching out to all technology markets, Prosopo needed to deliver a robust and scalable website with a content management solution.

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Custom Website Design, San Diego, CA

Our team of experienced website programmers specialize in taking your idea and making it a reality. We can write and develop proprietary applications, create interfaces with existing software and design databases customized for your needs.

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Expert Website Marketing

Do you need help marketing your business? Does a car need 4 wheels?
Its clear that owning a website is only a small percent of being successful in the online world. With many competing companies, Search Engine Optimization is critical to the life of your business. 8trackweb knows how to get you started.

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