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About Us at 8TrackWeb:

Who built your first website?

We all know the movie Karate Kid and the evil Cobra Kai. They looked all that, but where was the substance? Daniel on the other hand was built from the ground up by the aid of Mr. Miyagi. Web design is no different.

At 8 Track Web Design we understand web design from the core. We pour the proper amount of cement and establish a solid foundation in every website we build. Each project 8 Track Web Design factors in Presentation, Functionality, Scalability and Best Search Engine practices.

Our Mission Statement
It’s our direct goal to continually search the web and interview designers that are consistently on the cutting edge of web design technology. To continually be a leader on the web design front and consistently strive to offer the websites that visitors will always remember. We now offer our ongoing quest for knowledge to you the client.

Our Business Model
If you currently do not have a solid web presence, you are crippling the success of your business, service or product. 8 Track Web has an ongoing goal to find the best designers. Each designer is hired on a contract basis to keep overhead low and quality high.

Raising the Design Bar
Our web artists and graphic designers are tested and monitored closely before given a 8 Track Web project. Careful measures are taken to locate the best.

Our designers have proven their time by fine-tuning their discipline and continually raising the design bar. By following the latest trends and keeping up to date in the market, 8 Track Web has the edge you need to own a successful website.

Creative Services

Our graphic designers and content developers are not only good at what they do, but they excel at working together to seamlessly blend design and content into highly effective marketing communications for our clients.

Graphic Design
Graphic design is more than aesthetics. The features and benefits of the highly complex, cutting-edge technologies offered by our clients are best communicated through today?s more interactive, dynamic media. At 8 Track Web, we think in terms of information hierarchy, interactions, and dynamism when we design collateral, ad campaigns, CDs, flash, and multimedia presentations.

We believe the spirit and values of a company must come through in every element of its corporate and marketing communications. Our designers thrive in this multi-dimensional environment, leveraging their creative talent and professional expertise to deliver complete, integrated design solutions.

Content Development
Words are more than characters on a page. They tell the story of a company’s mission and vision. For every 8 Track Web project, content must complement, support and enhance visuals.

Our wide range of content development services includes high-level corporate message development, company and product naming, creative copy, multimedia story boarding and industry-specific technical writing. We employ experienced content specialists with advertising, PR, marketing and journalism credentials. Our content development process is designed for productivity and quality of results.

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